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Lake Lyndsay

Brian and Mandy's wedding
Lake Lyndsay - Kayla's Korner

Congratulations Brian and Mandy!  I thoroughly enjoyed your wedding day with you two, your wedding party, families, and guests.  Your ceremony, in such a tranquil setting at Lake Lyndsay's Kayla's Korner was beautiful and one of the most touching I've ever seen. Then, hats off to you for your outstanding choreographed first dance!  Thank you for letting me share your special day with you.

Lake Lyndsay Hamilton
The gazebo makes a wonderful photography location.

Lake Lyndsay Hamilton wedding
Lake Lyndsay Kayla's Korner

wedding Lake Lyndsay

Lake Lyndsay
Lake Lyndsay Kayla's Korner gazebo wedding ceremony

Lake Lyndsay Kaylas Korner Hamilton

Lake Lyndsay Hamilton Kaylas Korner
Post wedding rejoicing

Kaylas Korner Lake Lyndsay

Lake Lyndsay Kaylas Korner wedding
Classic portrait by the pond.

wedding Kaylas Korner

Kaylas Korner weddding Hamilton
Simple floral bouquets.

Sunsets over Lake Lyndsay are always gorgeous.

Hamilton wedding
Wedding cake framed but Kayla's Korner's twin staircases

Kaylas Korner
Mandy and Brian dance their final dance of the night.

Special thanks to the staff at Lake Lyndsay!

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