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"Jeff got our portraits done fast, so we could get to the party!"
~ Caitlyn and Josh, 10/6/2012

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Jeff Schaefer Photography's Style


My approach to is to photograph in a relaxed manner that sets the stage naturally. I offer a little guidance, encourage you to focus on each other, and I artistically capture your passion and emotion. Your wedding photographs will be romantic and timeless, based on a blend of the photography styles you'll see below. There are some look-at-the-camera-and-smile photographs, but itís not overdone. My method is a fun and comfortable way to be photographed, and your photographs will feel spontaneous, romantic, and timeless. You'll receive amazing fine art images that you'll be proud to display in your home. Here are examples of my style youíll receive...

Signature Style

With my Signature Style, your photographs are vibrant, crisp, and clean. Skin tones are accurate, and the natural colors of the scene really ďpop,Ē giving the image a beautiful aesthetic.




Soft and Romantic Style

My Soft and Romantic Style is soft and whimsical with flowing textures and warm tones. This style is perfect for late-day or back-lit scenes.




Dramatic, Epic Style

My Epic Style incorporates advanced camera and lighting techniques to give you create dramatic and creative effects.




Creative Compositions

With creative compositions, your photographs will be like no others. My creative compositions use interesting perspectives, silhouettes, reflections, leading lines, shape, form, symmetry, and juxtapositions. Your photographs will be unique... turning the ordinary into extraordinary.




Night Photography

If you have a venue thatís lit at night, or has city skyline view, letís use it to make some stunning photographs. Youíll be able to showcase your unique venue and locations for a breathtaking photograph. We can do a quick ďreception sneak outĒ for a few of these dramatic photographs.




Advanced Flash Photography

When the natural light is drab or dark, I am able to supplement the ambient light in a natural and flattering way to make your photographs pop.




Flattering Light

With my ability to sculpt the light under any conditions, youíll have gorgeous, flattering, and slimming light that accentuates your beauty. I truly believe all brides are beautiful, and I will bring that out in you.





My silhouette photographs break the image down to graphical elements that evokes romance and mystery. Youíll love showing off one of these art pieces in your home.




Natural Posing

I photograph in a relaxed manner that sets the stage naturally. Whether youíre stiff-as-a-board or used to being in front of the camera, Iíll help you create natural, comfortable interactions that are spontaneous, emotional, and timeless.




Fashion Style

My Fashion Style utilizes poses and arrangements found in magazine fashion photography. These are styles that use penetrating facial expressions, dramatic lighting, and deep shadows, and moody backgrounds. But, I totally understand if youíre too happy and you canít stop smiling... thatís far from a problem.




Candid Photojournalism

You'll receive many candid, unscripted, behind-the-scenes moments that you didnít realize I was there for. Your photos will show the emotional connections between loved ones... the laughter, smiles, little glances, hugs, tears, and joy. It is these moments that tell your story, not only of your wedding day, but of all the meaningful relationships in your life.





Youíll have fun

Youíll love the relaxed portrait scenes I set up, where you can be silly, fun, and playful. Whether youíre doing silly poses, or expressing an inside jokes between you and your friends, youíll have a great time during your portraits. During those moments, and especially in between, Iím capturing those smiles and natural joyful emotions.





You planned your wedding to reflect you personality down to the finest detail. Your day moves so quickly that you may not have the time to sit back and fully appreciate your cake, decorations, and details. Youíll get all the details artistically preserved in photographs to remember for years to come.






Don't forget about the rings. You'll get a cool ring shot.




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